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Come Walk With Us is built on the premise that whilst many people enjoy a good walk, many also need prompting into taking that first step.

Sometimes this is because they don’t know which walks to go on and sometimes they just don’t have anyone to call on to go with.

And this is where we come in.

Because not only do we organise the walks, we lead the walks too – and we even provide some company to make the walks so much more enjoyable.

The social walks can vary, from a morning in the hills to an afternoon stroll along a canal.

Some can also take up a whole day, so we can make the most of the beautiful Cheshire countryside.

There are regular breaks, of course, so a chance to take water on board, have a chat, recharge batteries.

A picnic spot will be assigned too, so don’t forget your lunchbox! (We’ll bring cake!).

The purpose behind Come Walk With Us is to help people to get out and about and enjoy a good walk.

It has a social and sociable angle too, however, so come along, meet some friendly people, enjoy, and then come back for more!

We’ll bring cake.

Walk Business

Barrie and John know just how excruciating a networking event can be.

You turn up, you look around for someone you might vaguely know, you hide among the coffee cups and you’re usually relieved when it’s all over and you can go back to work.

Well, let’s just say Come Walk With Us is set up to be the opposite of exactly that kind of scenario.

Because the whole purpose behind Come Walk With Us is to help people connect, but in a much more relaxed environment and in a much more sociable kind of way.

We set up our walks so that they begin with a briefing, which ensures that everyone knows who is on the walk before they even take the first step along it.

We also ensure that there are regular stops on the walks to enable people to mix and mingle in a way which is so much easier out in the fresh air, as opposed to a stuffy office or conference room.

In order to try and fit within a business week, we plan our walks on a morning or an afternoon away from work.

So they’re usually around 5 to 6 miles in length and take around 2 hours, including breaks.

It’s important to remember also that we’re on hand to lead and facilitate these walks.

So you won’t be left lurking among the coffee cups, we’ll be there to help you ‘netwalk your way to stronger connections’.

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