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Sturdy footwear with good grips, ideally walking boots. Waterproofs in case the weather changes, and likewise, a couple of extra layers. A hat and gloves are also recommended, and sun cream for when the weather breaks.

All of our walks are designed for people with moderate levels of fitness and you’ll always be able to check on the walk description to see whether it’s the right one for you.

Of course, they always add fun to the day, and we make sure that any refreshment stop offs are dog friendly. The main proviso here is that you follow the country code and show respect to fellow walkers, some of whom may not be over-confident around our canine friends.

The walks are designed to ensure that parking is as convenient as possible and before each walk you will be given full instructions and direction for parking.

If you realise you’re not going to make it, the earlier you can tell us, the better. So let us know and we can act accordingly.

Morning walks tend to start around 10 a.m. and the afternoon ones around 2 p.m. You’ll be able to check the timings on the website when you are booking the walk for you.

For logistical reasons, we do need to limit the numbers for each walk, so you will have to book in advance.

John and Barrie lead the walks with one up front and one behind to ensure that a group stays together. We do ask that walkers carry with them an emergency contact number in case they get into difficulty but we have contingency plans in place to do everything we can to ensure a safe trip for all.

We tend not to let a drop of rain spoil our walks and that is why we ask all walkers to arrive prepared for inclement weather. We will take a view on the day, sometimes, however, so that if the weather is going to make the terrain too difficult, we can make contingencies and re-route or reschedule accordingly.

We welcome everyone, so if you want to come with a friend or client/potential client, please feel free to book the most suitable event for you.

These are not provided, so bring along something appropriate for the length and type of walk you have chosen. 

You’ll receive a full briefing before we set off on the walk, so you’ll know what the walk entails and you’ll have a good idea of who you’re walking with. We’re a friendly pair, though, so any concerns or queries can be answered by Barrie and John.

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