Our Story

John Cudley

John is Mister Logistics, he has a background in IT and an attention to detail which means no stone is left unturned when it comes to organised fun.

Barrie Hawker

Barrie comes from a career in qualitative marketing research, he is a trained moderator and facilitator, he knows how people tick, his life has been about encouraging them to tick along nicely together

Following successful careers, one in IT and one in Market Research, we felt we were at something of a crossroads. Then, earlier this year, we organised a walk in memory of a close friend. It was an emotional day, but it was a totally rewarding one too.

We brought people together, many of whom had never met before, but all of whom had a shared interest and a common aim. As we walked and talked, connections were made, and bonds were formed. We saw initial ‘strangers’ helping one another over stiles and across streams. We had people sharing their home-made cookies en route. We witnessed the youngest member of the group being cheered to the finishing line by people he’d never met. It was quite a day.

It was an open-air event, but for us, it was a light bulb moment. And the idea for Come Walk With Us was born.

Come Walk With Us is based on the premise that whilst we all know that walking is good for the mind, as well as for the body, some of us need a little encouragement to put one foot in front of the other. Some of us don’t have people to call on who we can guarantee will be up for a walk. And some of us are looking to meet people who are interested in doing just that.

In developing Come Walk With Us, we have recognised that this is just as relevant in a social context, as well as in a business sense. Socially, walking together means time away from the house, time to chat with the like-minded, the chance to share a common goal, no matter how big or how small. Business-wise, netwalking makes networking something to look forward to, as opposed to dread or fear.

Connections can be made in the open air, walking side-by-side with someone, not meeting them across a desk or in a stuffy hotel or conference room.

Come Walk With Us is not just about meeting new people, however, it’s about netwalking your way to stronger connections. We design the walk, we lead the walk and we provide the company. You bring along your picnic, at least a little bit of get up and go, and we’ll provide the cake for afters.

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